About us:

Established in 2013, we are a small group of paranormal investigators located in both Harford and Cecil counties in Maryland. Our goal is to help our clients better understand what is happening around them. We DO NOT do this purely for fun, and we DO NOT charge for our services. We conduct ourselves in a professional manner and treat our clients the way we would want to be treated: with respect. Our clients are always kept confidential and nothing is posted on this website without the consent of the client.

How We Operate:

Once PIG MD is contacted, we will conduct a short phone interview during which we will ask general questions about the activity being experienced. If the client is willing to allow us to investigate, we will then set up a time for a walkthrough. During the walkthrough, we will ask more in-depth questions about the activity, the experiences the client has been having, and the history of the location. This will allow us to determine how we will conduct the investigation and how long the investigation may take. We then ask the client to show us the specific spots where the activity has been taking place. At this time we will set up a date to investigate the location.

During the investigation, we will first try to debunk (i.e. find a logical explanation for) the activity that has been occurring. Once this debunking process is complete, we will use our equipment to try and capture evidence. Only the evidence that can't be explained will be presented to the client. If the client is not satisfied, we are more than willing to come out to the location and do another investigation. We strive to satisfy the client. Please remember that not all investigations will yield results.

At no time during the investigation will we use ouija boards, employ seances, or use any other non-scientific tool. If need be, we will bring in other teams to assist us. Also, if we feel the spirit is demonic, we will not investigate. There are other teams out there that are more qualified for that type of haunting. We also do not cleanse a residence or business.

Don't be afraid to contact us, whether it be for an investigation or if you just have a question. We will respond promptly.



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